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Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare Services

Are you busy like the rest of us? Does your dog drive you crazy while you try to work from home? Is your dog alone all day while you’re at work?

Hounds need exercise and socialization just like humans! Drop your dog off for a full or a 1/2 day. Your dog can run and play with their friends while being cared for by our loving and professional team.

We know first hand what it’s like to find a dog daycare that you can trust and one that provides the same level of care and commitment you provide at home. Every aspect of our indoor and outdoor play areas are designed for fun, comfort and safety. We will match your dog with a group of like-minded friends. From puppies to seniors we have a pack they will love!

Ready to Play?

Our Pricing:
  • 1 Visit: $40
  • 10 Day Pass: $38/day
  • 20 Day Pass: $36/day
  • Half Day: $26/day

One-time Compatibility Assessment required ($20).

Expires within one year of issue date and all sales are final.

Passes are non-transferable.

The Hangout for Hounds

Our facility was (literally!) built for dogs. It’s not a converted warehouse or buried in the back of an industrial park. It was designed and planned from the ground up to provide convenience for you and a safe and fun environment for your dog!

A Safe Environment for Your Dog:

Our dog daycare is packed with playtime, ball chasing, climbing equipment and tons of fun! We have over 2,000 sq ft of indoor temperature controlled play space. When the weather cooperates, we will head outside to lounge in the pools and play in the sun! Break time means resting in our quiet rooms with relaxing music and aromatherapy.

All happy and social hounds that complete a compatibility assessment are welcome!

Compatibility assessment details:

Safety is our top priority! We know each dog is unique and not every dog is a good fit for dog daycare. A trained staff member will meet with each pet parent and review the dog’s enrollment application and health history. We will also evaluate your dog’s comfort level with people and other dogs in a controlled play environment. Our compatibility assessment must accompany either a half or full day of daycare. The process ensures that all hounds are happy and comfortable at The Hounds & Tap!

What else?
  • Proof of vaccinations: Rabies, Canine Distemper/Parvo (DHPP) and Kennel Cough (Bordetella)
  • Puppies must be at least 16 weeks old and fully vaccinated for DHPP and Bordetella (Note that puppies less than five months old will need to receive their rabies vaccine by five months of age to continue coming to day care)
  • Dogs 6 months and older must be spayed/neutered
  • Flea/tick control program
  • Flat, quick-release collar (no prong or choke collars).
Check out these add-on amenities!
  • Spa Treatments: want your hound to come home smelling fresh and clean? We can help! We offer personalized grooming services that can be scheduled during the day.
  • Individual enrichment session: give your hound’s brain a challenge with this personalized sensory adventure of interactive toys, puzzles and/or games.
  • Individual training session: leave the training to us – we can personalize a one-on-one training session for your hound to learn important cues like sit, down, wait or leave-it. We use only positive, force-free training methods to help your dog get the hang of it in no time!
  • Individual human play time: does your hound love to play fetch or play tug? Count us in! Schedule individual 15 minute human play times and let the fun begin!
  • Individual human cuddle session: does your hound need some extra snuggles or maybe a relaxing massage? We could all use some extra love! Schedule individual 15 minute human snuggle sessions and let the relaxation begin.
  • Special mid-day snack: we offer peanut butter-stuffed kongs (or maybe some pumpkin or yogurt instead!). Book your hound’s treat today!


We stick to a daily schedule for the dogs so that over time, your pup becomes much more comfortable, knows what to expect and looks forward to playing with us. For consistency, we recommend your dog comes to play every week on a regularly scheduled day. Choosing the same day/s each week allows your dog to build consistent hound and human friendships and reduce stress.


Our humans are always there to supervise your hounds. Our team is trained in dog behavior, CPR, and how to manage and care for multiple dogs. Furthermore, our team is trained to use positive reinforcement techniques and are passionate about teaching dogs by rewarding desired behaviors. We truly treat them like family!

Have additional questions? Please visit our FAQ’s


Daycare Hours

  • Monday–Friday 7am – 7pm
  • Standard Drop-off 7am – 9am
  • Standard Pick-up 4:30pm – 7pm
  • Late pick-up after 7pm will incur a $15 charge.
  • If your hound isn’t picked up by 7:15 pm, we will charge for an overnight stay and get them fed and settled into a suite for the night.

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